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Get Your Windows Cleaned Up and Enjoy the Beautiful Ottawa Summer!

Who wants to observe the glorious summer sunshine through grimy windows?

Windows can become incredibly dirty after winter months and it’s time to get them cleaned up. Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential one, windows are the first thing that people notice when they walk in.

If you live in a house with grubby windows, it’s likely to be eyesore from every angle. Unfortunately, many of us tend to neglect window cleaning and leave it unattended for as long as possible. The truth is, regular window maintenance can make a big difference to the appearance of your home or storefront.
More importantly, dirty windows can do a lot more damage than you think.

Why You Should get Your Windows Cleaned Regularly

1. Glass is a Material That Requires Regular Cleaning
The buildup of pollutants and dirt can cause smears, streaks and marks on the windowpane. The gradual accumulation of pigmentation spots can ruin the glass surface completely if not cleaned from time to time. The main culprits are salt, grit, hard minerals, pollen and oxidization. You may not be aware that grime is known to contain certain nitrogen compounds that actually contribute to smog.

2. The Appearance of Your Property
Clean windows can add to the appearance of your home or commercial property and change the way people perceive you. If you’re a business owner, customers are likely to view you as a person who pays attention to detail and it’s no surprise that a spiffy place of business attracts more revenues.
As a houseowner, your loved ones and family will always love the way the place makes them feel. If you live next to a lake or the hills, for example, squeaky clean windows helps appreciate the scenic views much better. Dirty windows can block sunlight and give a depressing aspect to the most cheerful rooms.
Our professional window cleaners can come over at your convenience and provide you with a free quote. They will work hard to make your windows a thorough cleaning that helps rejuvenate the entire look.

3. Energy Efficiency
Not only do sparkling windows add to the aesthetics, clean windows also conserve energy better compared to dirty ones. In fact, if you notice spiking energy bills, you should probably take a look at your windows first. Dirt creates a murky layer that obstructs natural sunshine and warmth and deflects sunrays instead of allowing them to enter the room. Also, dirt particles block natural UV rays from passing through.

You’re much more likely to increase the heating – and lighting – in a dark and cold room rather than in a bright, sunlit one. Take control of your energy consumption by allowing natural light to enter the room and keep your windows clean.
Our seasoned experts offer flexible cleaning schedules designed to blend with your busy day. Give us a call and feel free to discuss your requirements with our dedicated staff. We’re happy to offer customized plans for your convenience.

4. Health Benefits of Clean Windows
Since window cleaning is not a daily affair, it’s the perfect space for germs to grow without restriction. Window sills often become a hotspot for bacterial colonies which in turn can trigger a host of airborne pathogens and disease.
Similarly, dust can often become a habitat for dust mites that are known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory disease.

Why take a chance when it comes to your family’s health and wellbeing? Investing a nominal amount in cleaning your windows can stave off a host of problems. Our window specialists will update you with our rates and cleaning packages.

Residential Window Cleaning

Whether you plan to continue living in your home, sell it or rent it out, having clean windows is always an advantage. Prospective buyers or tenants are much more likely to be interested in a property which the owner has maintained regularly.

We offer residential window cleaning services for large and small homes, apartments, condos and cottages in and around Ottawa. We appreciate your time and money and work to provide maximum value for every dollar.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Your place of business needs clean windows in order to look attractive, keep away microbes and allow natural sunlight to filter into the room. Our detailed cleaning services clears off all residues and deposits left behind by grime, hard water and acid rain.

Attractive commercial premises present a welcoming, well-groomed appearance that appeals to customers as well as to employees.

We offer our range of window washing, gutter cleaning and pressure washing services to schools, storefronts, hospitals, daycare centers, restaurants, pubs and cafes.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Our trained crews can organize cleaning of hundreds (or even thousands) of windows on high rise buildings. Windows in high rise buildings can get incredibly dirty due to traffic pollution, pollen deposits or rain residues. While you can have the interiors cleaned easily, cleaning the outside requires professional expertise and should never be attempted on your own.

We will bring along all the latest equipment and tools and use the most modern techniques to clean every nook and corner of every window. Scrubbing windows on your own can be tiresome and time-consuming and may not produce satisfying results.
Contact us today and we will take of all the legwork required to meet your window washing requirements.

Exterior Window Cleaning

The exteriors of your windows are exposed to harsh weather elements, pollutants, grime and pollen. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them sparkling like new. The layers of dirt settled on the exterior pane makes it difficult to wipe the glass properly.

In fact, you may notice that the more you wipe, the more streaks there are on the window. This is a common problem. Although window washing looks simple enough, it involves the use of special techniques and products for the best effects.
Call our local Ottawa experts for all your gutter cleaning and window washing needs and leave the worrying to us.

Interior Window Cleaning

Have you ever tried swiping your fingers gently along the rim of the window sill? You’’ most probably notice a thin film of dust slinging to your fingers. Although people don’t notice, window interiors are much dirtier than we realize.
Our hardworking crew will polish the window panes and clean the interiors quickly but thoroughly.

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